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Airline Solution s.r.o. (limited) is young Czech company established in 2015. The company is focused mainly to aviation business in the Middle Europe and Eastern Europe market. We are providing high quality solutions for Airlines, Airports and Aviation Organisations. Our key elements are flexibility and customer orientated approach.

We are innovative

Learning from the past is important in solving challenges. Developing business, our or our customers, we shall know when it is the time doing things in a new way. New approach gives you the benefit comparing to competitors.

We are your connection

You can not success by trying to be expert in all, you can success if you know who to contact. Let us help you in this. What we can not do, we know who can.

We are fast

Is it irritating when you are trying to get business running, but it seems that nothing is happening. We have low organisation and we are easy to contact. Time is money.

We are trustful

Aviation safety, and success, has always based to trust between people, like the technician and the pilot. We believe that honesty, accepting reality and facts, to be humble in front of technology is our way.

Technology is a two-edged sword. It can provide great safety on modern aircraft, but at the same time we have to be prepared if that technology is not available.

~ Jim Hall, former NTSB Chair, interview with Bloomberg TV.

Our Services

The people you meet, the adventures you create for yourself, and the opportunities are worth every heartache and headache. It's hard, it's exhausting, it's expensive, it's frustrating at times -- and it's worth it.

~ Marilyn Dash, aerobatic and Reno race pilot, interview in Sport Aviation magazine, March 2015.

Services Details

GoSleep POD

GoSleep POD is an innovative, ergonomically Finnish designed chair, which you can convert in a few seconds to fully functional bed by electric positioning. For feeling of safety, you can close yourself by roll-up shutter. Shutter have also voice protection. Under your seat you can stored your hand luggage or bags. During your rest you can charge inside of Pod your phone or other electronic devices. Pods are already spread to airports like Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Tallinn, Helsinki, Moscow and Stockholm. Even Pods are designed especially for airports, they will have a big success also in other public places like shopping malls and congress centers. Pods have high advertising value. Futuristic design will be noticed easily. There is a large area for free use. You can use Pod like marketing tool and place ads in both size in pod (2,3 x 1,2 meters). That way you can show that you are on the top of modern world.

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All business requires trained and motivated personnel. We are ready to provide training by e-learning or in class room. E-learning is easy and flexible way to provide training. Class room training has still the benefit bringing people together. Based to our experience, the best personnel have learned from other person’s experience. For that goal, we are providing class room trainings. Trainings for nominated post-holders are also available for single student. Please do not hesitate to ask detailed training sessions. For request of training catalog see button bellow.

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Business development:


Our freelancers are ready to provide consulting services in the areas of aircraft maintenance and airworthiness, aircraft pre buy inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance monitoring, security systems, ground handling, quality audits and reviews, safety management systems, airport business concept, airport services and establishing organisations.

UAV Test centre and business models.

Airline Solution is participating of development first UAV and drone centre in Finland.

Our Partners

Airline Management Technologies ALMT Oy
Finland UAS Centre



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